Capabilities Overview

Permanent Magnet

Whether your company is in need of a high-performance permanent-magnet motor or generator, Axon Motor Company can help.  We can support projects with output power ranging from a few hundred watts to over 200 kW,

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AC Induction

If you are in need of a 400 Hz or 60 Hz machine, Axon Motor Company can help.  We can design and fabricate a custom motor with output power ranging from fractional horsepower up to 10 hp.

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Brush DC

Whether your company needs a permanent-magnet, series-wound, or shunt-wound brush DC motor, Axon Motor Company can help. We also provide reverse engineering for motors facing obsolescence.

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If your project requires Electromagnetic-Effects testing per MIL-STD-461, environmental testing per MIL-STD-810, or any testing per RTCA/DO-160 for your device, Axon Motor Company's team members can help.

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Welcome to Axon Motor Company, LLC

Specializing in CUSTOM permanent magnet motors and generators

Axon's team has a passion to create, and we fulfill this through support for our customers' propulsion and power generation needs by designing and fabricating custom permanent magnet motors and generators for a wide range of advanced applications.  Though Axon is a new company, our team members have worked on projects at past employers ranging from space components to commercial hybrid bus applications, with output power ranging from hundreds of watts to 200+ kW, all showcasing our wide range of skills.  Our team members' past projects have also ranged from SBIR/DARPA research projects, to low-quantity developmental projects, to projects that require ongoing production.  If your company requires a highly-tailored solution for power generation or propulsion, let our team show you how we can deliver a device that integrates seamlessly with your assembly. 

Preserving Past Product Lines

However, not all projects require new, custom solutions, and Axon provides expert support for legacy product lines.  Whether supporting an ongoing project facing obsolescence issues for an electric motor, or if the risk of exposure to disruptive EMPs requires the use of less susceptible heritage technologies such as  brush DC motors, Axon can help.  In addition to the wide range of brush DC motors in the field that may be facing obsolescence, there are numerous 400 Hz and 60 Hz induction motors also in need of support.  Though Axon is a new company, our team members' resumes include experience reverse-engineering both DC brush and AC induction motors for ongoing programs with no support from the original manufacturer.  If a current project is battling obsolescence or seeking legacy technologies for susceptibility reasons, let Axon support your team.

Why Choose Axon?

What makes Axon different from other great motor companies stems from our true passion to create and our invaluable aerospace experience gained outside of the motor/generator industry.  Our passion drives us to create highly-tailored products for each unique customer application, and our team's experience in the aerospace community has allowed us to become well versed in the rigorous MIL-STD testing required for MIL-Aero and FAA devices -- testing such as  Lightning - Indirect Effects and  High Intensity Radiated Field, both difficult tests to engineer for and pass. Our team possesses experience on par with far larger companies, we have the flexibility of a small company, and we have the desire to take on smaller projects.

Over the decades during which our team members have been working in the motor/generator industry, we have observed - and customers have affirmed - that there are evident shortcomings within the industry such as: 1) a shortage of expertise at the level of small companies; 2) a lack of aerospace experience within the motor/generator industry; and 3) a lack of support for heritage product lines facing obsolescence. This insight, along with our innovative passion, drove Axon to begin its journey. Let us show you how our expertise and experience can enhance your project.

Detailed Capabilities

Permanent Magnet Devices

Brushless Motors and Generators

power density and thermal management

As the energy density of permanent magnets continues to increase for both NdFeB and SmCo, new realms of power density become available for permanent-magnet devices. Although environmental considerations such as operating temperature and the presence of corrosive agents will ultimately determine whether SmCo or NeFdB magnets are appropriate for the application, the addition of Dysprosium and high-quality protective coatings are allowing NdFeB magnets to be used in higher operating temperatures and more adverse operating environments than ever before. Axon's team will work closely with you to determine the best option for your specific application.

Axon's team members have previously designed and fabricated a wide range of permanent magnet motors and generators for both space-bound and ground-based applications, and they bring this past experience to Axon. There are many configurations that an electric motor can take, but regardless of form, much attention must be paid to thermal management. Though properly designed permanent-magnet motors and generators can readily achieve 95%-96% efficiency, managing 10 kW of thermal energy demands experience. Both air cooling and liquid cooling solutions can be incorporated into a product depending on a litany of factors including air flow, unit location, and availability of space.

Unique designs for specific applications

As electric motors continue to push the boundaries of power density and batteries increase in energy density, the number of applications for electric propulsion systems for high performance vehicles and UAVs continue to increase. Whether as prime movers for electric cars or UAVs, the Axon team has experience developing custom solutions with focus on power density, thermal management, and qualification testing.

Axon's team will work closely with you to develop a solution that meets your performance criteria and integrates seamlessly with your next higher-level assembly.  Such attention to integration can often save weight and/or reduce overall envelope dimensions.  With over 80 years of combined experience between our team members, it's our team members' past failures that help propel us forward.

Power your future

AC Induction Motors

Three Phase 400 Hz and 60 Hz Devices

Solutions without Rare Earth Metals

Thanks to the increased power density of 400 Hz induction machines, these types of motors have found a home in some of today's top electric vehicles and aircraft applications. AC induction motors also have a more usable power-speed curve, unlike the more power-dense brushless permanent-magnet devices. Though permanent-magnet devices produce more power-per-kilogram, they do so with the incorporation of Rare Earth Elements such as dysprosium or highly-volatile metals such as cobalt. Induction motors do not rely on these types of metals (less the cobalt that may be found in the steels used), reducing there exposure to fluctuations in pricing for these elements.

Support for legacy product lines

Though many manufacturers already dominate the industrial-style 60 Hz induction motors for general use, there is still a demand for specialty-made 60 Hz and 400 Hz synchronous and asynchronous applications used within the defense industry facing obsolescence. If your team has a need for support for a heritage 60 Hz or 400 Hz induction motor, let our team assist in recreating the original device for manufacture.

Whether it is fractional horsepower, or a more demanding application up to 10 horsepower, our team can either design a custom solution or help provide support for a heritage product line facing obsolescence.

Propel your future

DC Brush Motors

Permanent Magnet and Wound Field Motors

Reliable actuation without EMP-Susceptible electronics

Although modern brushless motors provide reduced size and increased reliability, ensuring operation after a high-energy pulsed or directed attack can add extensive costs to the controller portion. Though capacitors are utilized for arc suppression to meet MIL-STD-461 requirements, a brush DC motor does not require any control electronics to operate, it merely requires an applied DC voltage. This simplicity in a landscape of unknowns can prove enticing, and implementing a brush DC motor for critical ground-based actuation systems can avoid the extra cost associated with a brushless device while ensuring operation after exposure to a high-energy attack.

support for legacy product lines

In addition to the possibility of implementation on new ground-based systems, many actuators for heritage defense applications already utilize brush DC motors and require continued support. Axon can not only design a new product, but we can help maintain support for a variety of brush DC motors: permanent magnet, series wound, shunt wound, and separately excited.

With the plethora of brush DC motors in the field that are facing obsolescence, let Axon's team provide continued support for these necessary applications. Whether it be an overhaul or a complete reverse engineering project, Axon's team can provide the support your project requires.

Actuate your future

Advanced Qualification Testing

Electromagnetic Effects and Environmental Testing

Ensuring product reliability in adverse and hostile conditions

In today's climate of advanced warfare with high-energy directed or pulsed attacks, ensuring products can survive and operate can be critical for military and commercial applications. To ensure operation after exposure, products undergo rigorous MIL-STD testing for ElectroMagnetic Effects (EME) in accordance with MIL-STD-461. In addition to ensuring products can withstand directed- or pulsed-energy enemy attacks, the product must prove it can survive the harsh environments in which it may operate or traverse. MIL-STD-810 has been the default standard for ensuring longevity in these environments. Our team has vast experience qualifying products to these two MIL Standards (in addition to RTCA/DO-160) for critical products within the aerospace community. Our team has also ensured reliability of products IAW SAE J1455, a rigorous land-based vehicle qualification standard.

in conclusion ...

If your project requires high-performance motors or generators and requires the rigors of MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, and/or RTCA/CO-160 qualification testing, utilize our team's experience and expertise to craft a reliable end product, no matter what environment it must operate in.

Qualify your future

Capability Information

CAGE Code, NAICS Codes, and Supported FSCs


Axon Motor Company, LLC is registered in SAM with a CAGE Code of 81ZW4.

Capability Statements

With the ability to design and manufacture custom devices and expertise to support legacy product lines, Axon has two basic Capability Statements, one tailored to each segment of a Product Life Cycle. 

New Product Capability Statement

Legacy Product Capability Statement


As experts in the motor/generator industry, our Primary NAICS Code is 335312. However, there are other NAICS Codes that require electric motors or generators as subsystems, such as 336390, that Axon can support. We can also provide engineering services, NAICS Code 541330, related to the design and evaluation of electric motors and generators.

Federal Stock Codes (FSCs)

The Primary FSCs supported are 6105, 6110, and 6125, though we also have experience supporting 4140.  In most cases, a sample is required to ensure all performance and envelope characteristics are replicated with a new replacement design.  The ability to Reverse Engineer (RE) components for programs battling obsolescence of key components allows continued support for ongoing projects.